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Breaking Down Collagen Myths
What a Vegan Collagen Supplement is and isn’t...

Breaking Down Collagen Myths
What a Vegan Collagen Supplement is and isn’t
I thought there was no such thing as a vegan collagen supplement?!

The market is full of collagen supplements, which are as full of health claims as they are full of animal-based collagen. But how does collagen serve the body and are animal-based collagens the best way to supplement?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body. It provides structure to bones and is a major component of connective tissue, including tendons, ligaments, skin & muscles. Collagen is important in helping bodies heal wounds and in the reduction of inflammation. It contributes to the suppleness of skin, boosting hydration and skin elasticity.

The body naturally produces collagen, but production slows down over time which is why people turn to supplementing. But collagen is only found in meat sources, so eating collagen-rich foods or taking a collagen supplement can be a non-starter for vegans and vegetarians, or those who are more restrictive about their meat consumption.

Rather than ingesting the collagen from animals, our vegan gummy is formulated to support your body’s natural collagen production by providing the necessary nutrients to promote collagen production: lysine, vitamin A and vitamin C. To clarify, what we’ve made isn’t a collagen supplement, but a collagen boosting supplement. Give your body what it needs to naturally synthesize collagen...all in a delicious, watermelon-flavored gummy!

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