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12 Week Holiday Season Giveaway!

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12 Week Holiday Season Giveaway

We are excited to announce our 12 Week Holiday Season Giveaway! Starting October 20th and ending January 5th, MaryRuth will be leading an Instagram Challenge through each step of The Art of Health for Busy People,  one topic per week for the next 12 weeks.

There will be a winner picked every single week, 12 winners total! Each winner will receive a $100 MaryRuth Organics gift card and a MaryRuth’s t-shirt & sweatshirt! (That’s right! We’re making merch!)

All of us here at MaryRuth Organics are participating! To join us, follow along & participate in the giveaway, follow @maryruthorganics on instagram!

Each Sunday, MaryRuth will announce the challenge of the week & then share feedback from participating employees on Fridays! MaryRuth will announce the winner of the previous week's challenge on Sundays, along with the next week’s challenge!

This was week 1 and the challenge was to get “15 Minutes of Direct Sunshine on Your Face, Without Sunglasses” every day! Here is some of the feedback from our team: 

Dropped the ball on the first day of catching sun due to working from home but I got plenty of sunshine for the rest of the week when I was in my car or taking my dog out to the garden.

Crystal, Graphic Designer

It felt very much like meditation. I was also more able to enjoy the view from my balcony :) I plan to continue and adopt this as a habit as I find it very calming.

Erma, Customer Care Manager

Monday and Tuesday I took a nice 15 minute walk in the sun. I worked from home on Monday so the walk was basically the only time I got out of the house (eek). Tuesday I was in the office and decided to take a walk/break to get sun but also get some time out of the office. Because I'm in California, it is super easy to get that sunlight BUT on Wednesday I completely forgot and was also working from home so I didn't really get the proper sun time, however, I took some extra Vitamin D3 gummies to make up for it :) Only hard part is to remember to do it and also not default and bring sunglasses along with you.

Kaitlan, VP of Operations


We may be almost through week one, but it’s not too late to join in! We hope this Challenge helps keep you healthy this holiday season! 

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