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Liquid Iron


Support Overall Health & Wellness by Replenishing Iron Levels. This essential mineral comes in a delicious berry flavored liquid for easy ingestion. 

16 oz | 30 servings



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How it works

  • The importance of Iron has been known to humans for centuries, even dating back to the Egyptians, Hindus, Greeks, and Romans! 
  • Our Liquid Iron comes from bioavailable Ferrochel®, otherwise known as ferrous bisglycinate chelate, a unique form of iron that may have higher absorption rates and increased tolerability than iron salts. 
  • Iron is important for blood production, cellular health, energy metabolism, and overall health. 
  • It is not uncommon for individuals, especially women and children, to be deficient in this essential nutrient. 
  • Iron is a critical component of hemoglobin and myoglobin, proteins of red blood cells and muscle cells respectively. Red blood cells — through their relationship with hemoglobin — accept,  store, and transport oxygen throughout the body as needed. 
  • Adequate oxygen levels are crucial for good health, and sufficient iron intake helps ensure that you’re getting the oxygen you need!


We also have a Liquid Iron formulated for those pregnant & lactating!



Important Message from MaryRuth's

Important: We genuinely care about all our customers, which is why we always suggest consulting with a physician or healthcare professional before starting any health supplement. Since all bodies are different, an individual’s nutrient needs are unique to their body. As such, results may vary. Children under 14, seniors over 65, those pregnant and/or lactating, those who suspect a medical condition and those who are taking any medications should always consult with a physician or healthcare professional prior to use. Discontinue use if any negative reaction occurs. 


WARNING: Accidental overdose of iron-containing products is a leading cause of fatal poisoning in children under 6. Keep this product out of reach of children. In case of accidental overdose, call a doctor or poison control center immediately.

How to take

Suggested Use: Shake well before use. Adults take 1 tablespoon once daily. See dosage chart for further recommendations. Do not exceed the suggested dose.

Dosage chart for Iron, Based on Recommended Dietary Allowances, established by the Institute of Medicine, Food and Nutrition Board:


  • 4–8 Years
    • Male: 10 mg = 0.56 TBSP (8.3 mL)
    • Female: 10 mg = 0.56 TBSP (8.3 mL)
  • 9–13 Years
    • Male: 8 mg = 0.44 TBSP (6.7 mL)
    • Female: 8 mg = 0.44 TBSP (6.7 mL)
  • 14–18 Years
    • Male: 11 mg = 0.61 TBSP (9.2 mL)
    • Female: 15 mg = 0.83 TBSP (12.5 mL)
  • 19–50 Years
    • Male: 8 mg = 0.44 TBSP (6.7 mL)
    • Female: 18 mg = 1 TBSP (15 mL)
  • 51+ Years
    • Male: 8 mg = 0.44 TBSP (6.7 mL)
    • Female: 8 mg = 0.44 TBSP (6.7 mL)


We also have a Liquid Iron formulated for those pregnant & lactating!

To ensure freshness, please refrigerate.

Supplement Facts

Ingredients Spotlight

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We only create wholesome vitamins and supplements that MaryRuth herself feels great about giving to her own family. We find the highest quality ingredients and formulate with care great-tasting products that assist in supporting your health and wellness!

  • Non-GMO
  • Vegan
  • Dairy Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Nut Free
  • Soy Free
  • Sugar Free*
  • Made in a GMP Facility
  • Formulated for the Whole Family

*Not a low calorie food

Customer Reviews

Based on 251 reviews
Miss C.
The best supplement ever!!

I take this daily after my liquid multivitamin. The taste is phenomenal!! I could drink the whole bottle without getting sick of the flavor like I do the multivitamin! I honestly can’t wait to take this every morning!! It’s my favorite supplement because it tastes incredible!!!

Sherry T.
Perfect Solution!

I make my smoothie in the morning and adding the liquid iron into the mix assists me in maintaining the energy I need throughout the day. Love this stuff!

Nicole W.
Iron Syrup

I am a black female and has tried a lot of iron medicine nothing
seem to help me. This Mary Ruth iron medicine is awesome I am so grateful for this iron medicine because I used to be so cold all the time up until now after taking this. I am so happy now to enjoy the spring weather without wearing big coat. Thank you again.
I will be buying more.

Becky T.

I did my blood work before I started a vegan diet to see what my original blood work values were. One year later I did them again and everything improved except my iron stayed exactly the same. My doctor checked my iron more in depth in June 2021. She said I needed to take an iron supplement and recheck in a few months to see if it was getting better. I started taking Mary Ruth’s Liquid Iron July 6th. I had my blood work checked again October 5th (3 months later) and WOW!! Incredible improvement. This stuff works WONDERS. I will be a life long customer!! I was told by non-vegans how hard it is to absorb iron from vegan sources and how disgusting liquid iron tastes. They obviously haven’t tried Mary Ruth’s! This tastes great! My 10 year old picky daughter also loves the flavor. And it CLEARLY works VERY well. See my photos for proof! I am jaw dropped at the improvement in my blood work. I am so happy to have found a great tasting vegan supplement that works so well! One other thing to note is it never gave me digestive issues like so many iron supplements will do. This stuff is truly incredible.

T. S.
Tastes great

This is the best tasting iron supplement I've ever taken.

Have A Question? Great, Ask Us!

Really. We are here to answer any question you may have.

Why has the bottle changed from glass to plastic?

Unfortunately, we have been experiencing supply chain issues with our 16 oz glass bottle supplier. Since our Quality Assurance team also has received a high number of complaints for the 16 oz glass bottle shattering during transportation, we’ve opted to switch all of our 16 oz glass bottles to 16 oz BPA-free plastic bottles. We plan to keep the products in the BPA-free plastic bottles going forward and we hope that you understand why this extra plastic use was important to us, and that you are still able to enjoy this product!

Is this liquid Iron safe for kids?

Our Liquid Iron is suitable for ages 4 and up. However, it is worth noting, for the sake of labeling simplicity, the FDA’s Daily Value recommendations groups children 4+ with adults; the Daily Value (18 mg) established for labeling guidelines is the highest recommendation for all ages, four and up. However, the Recommended Daily Allowances (RDAs) for Iron, established by the Institute of Medicine: Food and Nutrition Board, offers a more granular breakdown of RDAs, broken down further by age and gender. You can view those RDAs on the National Institutes of Health fact sheet for Iron. Since our product is liquid, the dose can easily be adjusted to meet those recommendations (we’ve even done the calculations for you! Check out the dosage chart in the images or under the tab “Ingredients & Use”). It is also very important to note that accidental overdose of iron-containing products is a leading cause of fatal poisoning in children under 6. If you determine that this product is suitable for your child, make sure they are taking no other products with additional iron and keep this product out of reach of children. In case of accidental overdose, call a doctor or poison control center immediately. Ultimately, in order to make the best health decisions possible for your little one, we recommend speaking with your pediatrician, physician, or healthcare professional to best determine what dose is best for your child.

Why this form of Iron?

Our Liquid Iron, ferrous bisglycinate chelate, is chelated for enhanced absorption and may be more tolerable than iron salts. It has been found that this form of iron isn’t as inhibited when taken alongside food ingredients that typically lessen iron absorption (like polyphenols and phytate). Though there are many forms of iron available when it comes to supplementing, we believe that this form of iron may be the best choice for our customers.

I’ve heard you should take iron supplements with orange juice. Why is that?

Iron’s bioavailability is dependent upon several factors, including how it is taken, the source of iron, current iron status, and more. In one study, the absorption of iron from a standard meal was increased by 67% when taken with vitamin C. The reason that many suggest taking vitamin C to increase iron absorption is that together, an iron salt and vitamin C can form an iron chelate, which may be more bioavailable. Since our form of iron is already highly-bioavailable Ferrochel®, otherwise known as ferrous bisglycinate chelate, taking vitamin C alongside this supplement may or may not make a difference. If you so wish, you may still choose to take your daily dose of iron with a glass of orange juice or with our Vitamin C Gummies, Megadose Vitamin C Liposomal or Vitamin C Drops!

Why not add Vitamin C to this formula?

We thought about it and decided not to add vitamin C to our formula. It came down to our customer requests! So many of you have requested that we make a straightforward iron supplement. We are always thinking ahead, though, and an Iron & Vitamin C just might be in our future if enough people request it!
More questions? Find out more answers on our FAQs Page.

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