MaryRuth's Morning Celery Juice

If you’ve been following MaryRuth for a while, you may have heard her talk about her morning celery juice that she enjoys on a regular basis. 


We are happy to now share this simple recipe with you! With only a few ingredients, you can make this fresh juice with your juicer as a great way to start your day!


Even better, this juice is a perfect fit for anyone following Liquids Till Lunch. We hope it helps supports your healthy energy levels as it delivers natural fiber and other micronutrients that may help support your health, as well as probiotics to support your digestion. 


MaryRuth's Morning Celery Juice


MaryRuth's Morning Celery Juice

MaryRuth’s fresh morning juice she enjoys daily during liquids till lunch! 





  1. Run the celery and cucumber through your juicer. 
  2. Stir in Stevia & 1 serving of MaryRuth’s Organic Liquid Probiotic into your juice. 
  3. Enjoy immediately!


Product Recommendation

Organic Liquid Probiotic 4oz

Gut health, Digestive support, Immune function







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