Peachy Keen Sparkling Spritz

We here at MaryRuth’s believe that not only should your vitamins be clean and easy-to-take, but also delicious.


That’s why we aim to make our supplements something that you actually look forward to in your daily routine.


One way to make your liquid vitamins even more tasty? 


With our fun vitamin drink recipes, of course! 


This time, we’re including a multivitamin that tastes great and has a clinically proven ingredient to support hair and skin health. 


Using our peach-flavored Women’s Multivitamin + Hair Growth Liposomal, this sparkling spritz with Lustriva is a tasty way to help grow your hair and support skin.


Enjoy and share your drinks with us on Instagram or TikTok. We can’t wait to see your creations! 



 Peachy Keen Sparkling Spritz Recipe Card


Peachy Keen Sparkling Spritz Recipe

A fun & fruity bubbly beverage with Lustriva® to support hair growth & skin! 





  1. Pour the peach puree and sparkling water into a glass and stir.
  2. Pour in ice and stir in one serving of the peach liposomal. Enjoy!


Product Recommendation

Women's Multivitamin + Lustriva Hair Growth Liposomal

Hair growth, Improve wrinkles, Thicker hair


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