About Sezzle

How does Sezzle work?

Shopping with Sezzle is easy — no credit check necessary! Follow the simple steps below to use Sezzle for your purchase.

  • Choose the item(s) you’d like to buy, and select “Add to Cart” as normal.
  • When you have successfully added all items to your cart, select “Proceed to Checkout.”
  • Write in your contact and shipping information, or login if you are an existing MaryRuth’s customer.
  • At the “Payment” screen, select Sezzle as your payment method.
  • If you do not currently have a Sezzle account, you will be redirected to create a new account.
  • Once your Sezzle account is set up, you can continue with your purchase. You will only be charged 25% of your order total at the time of purchase.
  • Every two weeks over the next six weeks, you will be required to pay another 25% of your total — interest free!
  • Sezzle will automate the rest of your payments with the payment method you left on file.

Who can use Sezzle?

Almost anyone can use Sezzle! Here are the rules.

  • You are 18 years or older* and have a valid phone number based out of the U.S. or Canada.
  • You have a valid email address and payment method — debit card, credit card, or bank account to link to your account.

*You must be 19 years or older in Alabama, or if you are a ward of the state and live in Nebraska.

Why wasn’t my Sezzle order approved?

Every order is individually assessed through Sezzle, and unfortunately, not every order can be approved. If your order was not approved, there are a few reasons why that may be.

  • The payment method provided has insufficient funds. You must have at least 25% of the order total available at the time of purchase.
  • Your order value is too high or you are too new to Sezzle. Sezzle assesses each individual with their holistic approach, taking into consideration factors such as the number of orders repaid on time, outstanding amount left on remaining orders, and the total amount of your new order. If you think your order total may have been too high, you can try splitting your purchase into a few smaller orders.
  • The payment linked to your account doesn’t have a lot of available funds. Sometimes, adding another debit or credit card to your Sezzle account can increase your chances of being approved.

What happens if I need to return a product I purchased using Sezzle?

Returns with Sezzle are easy. Reach out to MaryRuth’s Customer Care team, and we will be happy to help with the details!

If you have more questions regarding Sezzle, check out their robust knowledge base or feel free to contact Sezzle directly.