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Hair Care Liposomal

I read the reviews on this product and which compelled me to order. I have been thru 2 severe hair fallout episodes and needed help. I can say with complete satisfaction this product is amazing. My fallout is less but my hair has grown at least 4 inches since I started using product in late August 2023. My hair in the past seems to stop growing at a certain length, this product changed all that. I am in 3rd month and will continue taking. ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT!!

This liquid zinc is great

I always trust this liquid zinc to use periodically for my baby, the ingredients are great and safe


These vitamins along with some others have been great support . However my bottle arrived spilled all
Over and damaged . I saved as much as I could . :(

Game Changer for Me

This multivitamin is an all in one so I was able to consolidate everything I was taking into one. I noticed so many benefits. I am no longer tired throughout the day. I have more energy, I have so many new little hairs sprouting out :) and my skin looks and feels so good :) I feel so blessed to have found Mary Ruth’s. I love everything I’ve tried. I read some reviews about the taste, but I love it :) I am hooked.

Vitamin C

Taste good

Helps fade dark spots

I can see some dark spots on my skin are lightening up. Great product, will purchase again!

This is helping me- mother of 6

I homeschool my 6 kids and operate a farm. I have felt adrenal crash and just exhaustion, from sleep deprivation with a baby. This stuff is amazing. I do not ever want to be without it. It tastes so delicious and helps me feel more on top of my day!


Have never used because it’s expired.

So far so good!

This is my first 30 days using this product. I haven’t seen much improvement with my hair growth yet, but I am hopeful!

Barely any powder in jar

The supplement itself is great. No taste, easy to mix into juice in the morning.
The container came less than 1/3 full. I know that powder settles, but this is a huge difference & spending $40 on a container that isn’t filled, doesn’t feel worth it. Maybe putting the product in a smaller container would be best, since only so little is available.

multivitamin w/hair growth

I’ve been taking this multivitamin with added hair growth for a few weeks now. The peach flavor is strong and had for me to get down. Wish there this came in another flavor. i do feel like I have more energy and motivation since I’ve been on it. Yet too soon to know if working on my hair. Will need to follow up in a few more weeks.

A must have for back to school germs!

A few drops in everyone's water bottle each morning! During the cold and winter season and back to school time, its crucial we have this on hand! The easiest way to take vitamins, especially for teens! I love that it has no taste and the dropper is so convenient and easy! Thanks for making our vitamin routine seamless!

Every one gets this in their water, every morning

A few drops in everyone's water bottle each morning! The easiest way to take vitamins, especially for teens! I love that it has no taste and the dropper is so convenient and easy! Thanks for making our vitamin routine seamless!

I could drink the whole bottle in one sitting!

The flavor is unreal and so good. No artificial, gross peach taste! I don't even like peach-flavored things and this takes the cake. So far so good with helping me through my day, I hope to see some really beneficial pluses with taking it daily. It's my favorite time of day now!

Liquid Morning Multi-vitamin

I’ve been taking the Liquid morning multi-vitamins for four months and was surprised at how much better I felt getting all those extra vitamins and minerals I needed. I noticed that my hair started growing back around my hairline and is much fuller, but the biggest difference is my dark hair returned and now I'm good 50% less grey which was so awesome! After a month of using two tablespoons every morning, I also stopped using my reading glasses, which was a huge surprise because I've used them ever since I turned forty! I also have better mental focus and more energy. I swear by these vitamins and highly recommend Mary Ruth products.

Product not the same

I’ve always ordered the 3-6-7-9 omega and other products. I’ve noticed some
Products have changes. Here is a picture of the two bottles old/new. If you’ve been a marry Ruth’s costumer you’ll notice some items have changed or are no longer available. Disappointed

very obsessed with these drops

Finding a good probiotic that doesn't make me feel bloated, have weird taste, and is refrigerated was such a hard task. I'm so grateful for this probiotic because it's completely tasteless, can be refrigerated, and helps my stomach digestion a lot.

Bad batch?

I’ve been buying this from Whole Foods and loved the flavor. Kind of tasted chocolatey to me. I could totally understand why people like putting it on ice cream or pancakes. I personally loved just taking it straight as a sweet little kick at night. I bought this last bottle and can barely choke it down. I just got the dry heaves because the taste won’t leave my mouth. It’s super thick, smells rancid and tastes beyond horrible! Did the batch go bad? This is very expensive and loved it prior to this bottle. I want to take it back to get my money back but don’t want Whole Foods to stop carrying the products because of complaints, especially if the problem can be resolved. I’m torn what to do! Here is a picture of the lot number. Maybe that will help. I will absolutely change my star rating if this is remedied!

Love this!

I love this functional mushroom. Product. At first I thought something was wrong as it is very thick, so much so that you can’t squeeze it out of the top. I add this to my matcha green tea and it adds a a wonderful chocolate flavor. I can’t rave enough about this delicious product!

D3 & B12 from Mary Ruth's Brand are not only delicious but also free from unnecessary additives common in other brands. My spouse and I rely on this brand and use several of their products, which appear to be beneficial. We particularly enjoy taking these beneficial vitamins during the colder months to ensure our immune system stays robust.

Great Product but So Expensive

My bottle came very fast which I was happy with. However, I am a student struggling with a lot of hair loss recently and being able to keep buying a bottle is super difficult. I hope the company can offer some sort of discount or drop the price altogether.


Never have I taken liquid vitamins, but I thought I would give it a try. At first it seemed like a lot and the taste was okay. Each day I began to like it more and looked forward to taking it. I like the convivence of the vitamins in a liquid and I like the results I am feeling. I know when I have forgotten to take in the AM. And I was surprised at how big the bottle is. I am very pleased, and I will recommend to friends and family.

Exactly how much do I give my child?

Genuinely shocked no one has mentioned the absolutely useless serving size. No comment on the product itself as I won’t be repurchasing just because of the serving. A serving is 60 drops and one pump is 1/2 dropper. In what way do these things correlate to each other? Also it’s a glass dropper (with no measurements) that cannot be used to place directly into babies mouth because of concerns for cross contamination so you need to place in a separate syringe or bottle to administer. The whole process seems not thought out and overly complicated while trying to administer vitamins to an infant is difficult enough. I’m fine having to weigh my vitamin but just state that they need to be weighed because it’s ridiculously easy to misdose.

Sea Moss Gummies
Ledell T.
Love them!

Love the gummies and the benefits! I was hesitant on the taste at first but after getting them I look forward to taking them every day!

Amazing stuff

I love the liquid multi, I have been bad about taking them bc I have busy mornings but I just came up with a hack to help and thought I’d share, Tupperware from target tsa bath section, I got one for every day of the week (exactly 2tbsp with just enough room for my probiotic) so I can pre make and grab when I leave for work! Hope this helps any one with the same Delma.