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25 days of use

I like the product and give me energy, I am going to buy another bottle for next month. I cut all my hair off so I need more time to see results

Loving this product so far!

I have been taking the hair growth syrup for almost a month now and while it's way too soon to see any new hair, I'm seeing MUCH LESS shed and fallout in the shower. This is such a blessing to me already. I also enjoy the flavor and have had fun finding ways to incorporate it into my morning ritual. I have drizzled the dosage on oatmeal, waffles, cereal, and plant-based yogurt. Very versatile. It would be nice to have some other flavor options in the future, but this one is very pleasant!

Easy daily dose

I have been taking the multivitamin for a little less than a month but I’m hooked !! It tastes great it’s easy to add to my daily routine and I feel overall healthier. I can’t wait to continue this journey


2 weeks in to daily use and I won’t be stopping! Already seeing new growth!

Horrible product change!

My kids have loved this vitamin for 2 years, but the recent change has us switching to something new. My kids say it tastes sour, and the new shape is hard, actually making it tough for my 2 year old to chew. It also smells like chemicals when you open the bottle. Will not be buying again, bummed the product changed!

My hair journey day 1

Today begins my journey using this product to help regrow my hair. Today was my first full day of using the liquid multivitamin plus hair growth. I am also taking the hair care liposomal every other day. See starting photos below. I will submit update photos in three weeks. Only reason for the one star is because I am just starting. The flavor for both is pleasant and easy to take. I will update the stars based on the three weeks results.

D3 Gummies
Jamie H.
product is short dated

I ordered the Vitamin D gummies about a month ago. Product is short dated to 6/30/2024. I have emailed customer service multiple times and they sent two replacements. Both short dated to 6/30/2024 and from the same lot number. There is clearly a problem with quality control.

Noticeable difference!

I can see a noticeable difference in my hair and my nails. I’m excited about that! I’ve been taking it for 30 days now. The taste takes a little getting used to, but I suppose with any high quality liquid vitamins this is to be expected. I like that I can trust the ingredients as well! Photo with the blue top is at the start of taking this vitamin. Black shirt photo is 30 days later.

Excellent product

My 99 year old mother didn’t like taking pills, so I bought the liquid multivitamin and I had no issue getting her to take her vitamins. I mixed it in multi-blend juice along with vitamin D and zinc and your respiratory supplement, elderberry or others.

These were an invaluable resource for me

Morning vitamin

I really enjoy my morning vitamin like how it tastes and likes how I feel though out the day

Not dishwasher friendly

I used the measuring cup in dish washer and it faded after first dishwasher wash. Not good I would like a replacement.

Hair. Growth

I have been using Mary Ruths hair growth vitamins drink for 2 months now. My hair has grown some inches.

Curious New Shape ( o )( o )

These used to be shaped like hearts. Now they are shaped like um…. My breastfed kids will tell you.


I must admit I was hesitant on buying bc I have tried everything from the melatonin pills to liquid and none really worked without the drowsy feeling when you wake up. I kept reading the reviews and most importantly they were all saying it works without the drowsiness.

I’m already taking the Morning Liquid Vitamin in the peach mango flavor and it’s amazing. So I read further that adding the Night multi vitamin for sleep works well with the morning vitamin,

I’ve been taking it now roughly a month in a half. I just started to notice it works as far as me getting sleepy after taking it 30 minutes prior to bedtime. It mellows you out :). If that’s a thing. I’m more relaxed and ready for bed.

I do not wake up during the night as I once were and maybe that is due to menopause. Either way I’m sleeping through the night. My alarm is set for 6:45AM. I’m awake b/t 5:15 & 6. I don’t feel drowsy . I’m alert and energized.

The taste is not bad as I’ve read some couldn’t handle the taste. Pineapple is one of my favorite fruits so I knew it would not be an issue.

I intend to buy again and maybe I should now since I’m over half way through the first bottle,

Some bought the shot glass or measuring cup. I use a tablespoon as it’s more convenient for me. I take 2 tablespoons 30 min prior to bedtime. It’s noted to take on an empty stomach or with food. It’s bedtime so I’ve already eaten so no empty stomach:)

I recommend giving it a try and if it does not work for you, return it.

Have a great day and good nights sleep! :)

Luscious Locks

I’m on my 4th bottle. I get a compliment on my hair almost daily. People ask me if I got extensions. I was taking liquid collagen for over a year. Then I switched to Mary Ruth’s. It made a big difference. My hair sprouted so many baby hairs. It has body and shine. It’s thicker, fuller and longer. I highly recommend it!!

Disappointing change & Rancid smell

I have been enjoying these K2 & D3 Gummies for months now (I am terrible at remembering vitamins because I have trouble swallowing and just don’t want to take pills, but gummies make it enjoyable), but my most recent order is not the same. The cap is no longer blue, but white and the shape is now a circle blob rather than a heart. The worst part is the smell. Opening the bottle, it smells like the oils have gone bad (is that the Vitamin D itself?), and the flavor is not the same - it tastes like the smell on the outside and then is more tart than the previous heart shaped version. I still have the bottle I just finished off, and it smells delicious compared to the new one. I’m wondering if these did turn somehow and if I should not be eating them? Might be switching back to the dreaded pills…

I love it. It taste great and the cup is great addition to making sure you get the recommended dose.

Best thing I've ever done for myself

I was wary at first but all the great reviews convinced me to give it a try and boy am I glad I did. I've been taking this for almost a month now and my hair is fuller, thicker and softer than It has been in years. I have very obvious growth all over my head and I have never been happier dealing with fly a ways or roots showing. I'm a domestic violence survivor and he loved to pull my hair out so feared my follicles were damaged but this multivitamin is already helping a great deal.

Not a great taste and very oily

I should have read the reviews first before buying this. They have changed the formula. I’m not impressed. I gave it to my son and he immediately spit it out. So I taste it and it was very oily and tastes awful.

Thank you Maryruths ❤️

After trying too many products that didn’t work I decided to switch to Maryruths Hair Growth Max and I am totally sold. I finally found something that really works! After only one bottle (one month) I actually have hair growing in my bald spot. I’m so excited with these results so far and can’t thank you enough. I only wish I found you sooner. The taste is yummy but even if it wasn’t I wouldn’t stop taking it. Also, my skin feels so soft.

Formula changed?

My kids used to love these gummies as part of their bedtime routine, but the last two bottles we have gotten have been “off.” The color and flavor is not the same as it used to be, and because of this my children won’t touch them. I hope this problem is resolved so that we can enjoy them once again.

Insane growth and discontinued botox

All of my baby hair on the edge of my hairline are growing in and THICK. My hair part is almost invisible instead of being a 1/8 to 1/4 inch wide. I did not know my hair was capable of this! My fine lines are also next to gone at this point. I’ve gotten Botox injections for years and for the first time since starting injections, I'm overdue and cannot tell. This is truly skin and hair care from the inside out. I’m about 2.5 months in for reference!

Its works… turmeric gummies

I feel much better now since I decided to take this turmeric gummies. On the other hand , it taste delicious and suitable to my gut.

Highly recommended!


Still have a little bit because , don’t need so much to moisturize my hands
Highly recommended!

Nighttime Multi-My Regular

I use MaryRuth’s Coconut Flavored PM/Nighttime Multi every single night! It has a light coconut taste, helps me relax and sleep better. I highly recommend it to everyone!