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Time Blocking Journal

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Start Time Blocking Like MaryRuth to Take Control of Your Time & Achieve Your Goals! Stay organized and spend more time doing the things you love with the help of this Time Blocking Journal.



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How it works

  • Easily manage your time with tearable time-blocking pages for each day of the week.
  • Includes a letter from MaryRuth about time blocking to inspire you!
  • Write your to-do list & time block in one-hour or 30-minute increments each day.
  • Build momentum and accomplish more each day with time blocking.
  • Has three months' worth of pages.
  • Complete with a “How to Use” section.
  • 8.5 x 11 size with 92 sheets (184 pages).

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
A powerful tool of productivity

As an extended planner user, I was very skeptical if this journal could add anything to my productivity and way I was already time blocking. What I found unique was this, I loved the way thicker than average paper that was perforated and could be removed to be my guide throughout the day. I could make an extensive project list on one side and the time block plan on the other. I do disregard the days of the week and use it only for working/high productivity days. So I simply ignore that and use the next page. I do have a tip I would love to share with those of you that are new to this concept. There are tasks that you can block off in 1 hour increments but what about the tasks that will take 5 minutes? I suggest you make your list with some space on the left and as your time block, you can group tasks that are small and likely to be efficient together (sending thank you emails would pair well with finding a digital receipt in your inbox). To take time from my huge focused activities, I will take 30 minutes to focus on “A activities.” I label the things that absolutely must be done with A. Would be nice with B. That way if I run through the A tasks I can start on the B ones. So, for example, let’s say my day today is filled with studying for exams. I would have study finance 1 hour. Then A tasks for 30 minutes. Then study finance for 1 hour, then A tasks for 30 minutes. I obviously always start with any meetings or appointments during the day. I always schedule myself 15 minutes to get up, stretch, go to the bathroom, and review materials before any meeting. If you need more to show up your most productive, schedule it. Some people do best if they have a small snack and glass of water 20 minutes ahead to make sure your body is able to function entirely on the meeting. I also switch color pens after I’ve made the plan so it is easy to see anything that had to be switched and anything that got added/removed. This lets you keep an easy visual on how your planning went to hopefully be able to plan even better in the future. Good luck and happy planning!


The time blocking journal is awesome!!

Sharon G.

Helps you keep your days organized and uncluttered.

Absolute must have for Productivity

If you’re looking to eliminate procrastination this is what you need. It’s not too complex like other journals it provides you with exactly what you need. Enough space to timeblock and write notes. I love this journal

Jessica F.
A must!!

Time blocking is seriously a must! You are able to plan out your day with all the things you need to get done, but then can add in a little of the fun/hobby things as well. I started time blocking last year and it has saved me from wasting SOOO much time on meaningless things. I even make sure I set time for just breathing or sitting outside reading a book. I def need my calming moments because I can’t just go go go or I’ll drain myself and not want to do anything. Absolutely love this tool!

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