Mango Mojito Morning Mocktail

Looking for a way to brighten your mornings?


Support your nutrient needs while also promoting hair growth in as few as weeks with our multivitamin-infused mocktail! This vibrant concoction is a celebration of tropical flavors, featuring fresh mango, zesty lime, and a hint of mint for that extra burst of freshness.


Crafted with simplicity in mind, this mocktail is not just a treat for your senses but also a nourishing experience.


Mango Mojito Morning Mocktail Recipe Card


Mango Mojito Morning Mocktail

A fruity & refreshing way to kick-start your morning & hair growth!



  • ½ Cup Mango, Fresh or Frozen
  • 2 Tbsp Water
  • 2 Tbsp Lime Juice
  • 6 Mint Leaves
  • 1 Cup Soda Water
  • Extra Mint and Lime (for garnish)
  • MaryRuth’s Liquid Morning Multivitamin + Hair Growth



  1. Pour the lime juice into a glass.
  2. Clap the mint together in your hands until the scent is released. Add to the lime juice and gve it a gentle press with a muddler.
  3. In a small blender, blend the mango and water to create a mango puree.
  4. Add the mango puree to the lime and mint mixture and stir gently.
  5. Add ice to the glass and top with sparkling water. 
  6. Gently stir in one serving of MaryRuth’s Liquid Morning Multivitamin + Hair Growth.
  7. Garnish with mint and a lime wheel.


Product Recommendation

Liquid Morning Multivitamin + Hair Growth

Hair growth, Thicker hair, Improves wrinkles


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