Piña Colada Paradise Drink Recipe

If you like piña coladas (and getting a great night’s sleep), this one's for you! One of the world’s most popular summer drinks, the Piña Colada is always refreshing and sweet.


This recipe was created by one of our very own Summer '22 interns, June Ok! It's super easy to make and perfect to enjoy after a late summer dinner on your patio. Why? June added a serving of our Pineapple Liquid Nighttime Multimineral that contains vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and nutrients your body needs to support a restful summer night’s sleep after enjoying time in the sun all day.





Piña Colada Paradise Drink Recipe Card


Pina Colada Paradise

A delicious summer drink to help you drift off into a deep sleep.





  1. Blend coconut milk, pineapple juice, frozen pineapple, and ice in a personal blender until smooth.
  2. Take off blender and stir in Liquid Nighttime Multimineral.
  3. Add monkfruit to desired sweetness (optional).
  4. Pour into cup and garnish with coconut whipped cream and/or a pineapple slice.
  5. Sweet dreams! 


As always, be sure to share your delicious drink creations with us on Instagram by tagging @maryruthorganics.



Product Recommendation

Liquid Nighttime Multimineral

Deep sleep, Relaxation, Bone health




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