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MaryRuth's Tips For Living Well: The Art of Health for Busy People

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The Art of Health for Busy People 

I compiled this list while working for many years in private practice as a nutritional consultant, running group classes, live webinars and working with individuals one-on-one. I noticed certain patterns kept cropping up with the people who were especially successful in achieving their health goals; I kept notes of my observations and realized these things made the greatest impact on gaining more energy, on overcoming health challenges and successful weight loss. These observations turned into my list “Art of Health for Busy People” which I incorporated into my practice, and I now share with you.


What is so incredible about these steps is that they are free & accessible; you can do them no matter where you are! They are practical movements toward better health, day in and day out. Healing through repetition! 

I hope that you are able to utilize this list to bring healing and well-being into your life. 

All my best, 


P.S. Feel free to print out this image! Post it on your fridge or somewhere it will catch your eye...and stay tuned for more information on the Art of Health!


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