Elderberry: Health Benefits, Risks, Uses, and Effectiveness

A Guide To Elderberry

Elderberry has long been used for many traditional purposes. However, this herbal remedy is something of a mystery to many people.


In this post, we’ll discuss the potential health benefits of taking elderberry as a supplement, potential risks to be aware of, the uses of the supplement, and more!


What is Elderberry?

Black Elderberry is a blanket term for multiple elderberry plants in the same family. It’s most commonly used to refer to the Sambucus tree, also known as the black elder which produces elder flowers, a plant native to Europe. The leaves, roots, and berries of the plant have all been used for different traditional purposes in many cultures throughout history.


The berries, or elderberry fruits, of the black elder tree have also long been used for cooking, to make elderberry syrup, elderberry juice, baking, making preserves, and even wine. Elderberry supplements are made with an extract from the berries of the Sambucus tree. Since elderberries have compounds with antioxidant properties, including vitamin C, they’re often touted as an excellent source for your immune system.


Elderberry And Free Radicals

The research on free radicals and their impact on your health is still developing. However, it has been found that antioxidants may help to balance out the potentially harmful effects of free radical activity, supporting your immune system. You may choose to supply your immune system with compounds that have antioxidant properties, and supplementing with elderberry may be a great way to do it!


Does Elderberry Help My Immune System?

Research has indeed indicated that elderberry extract may help increase your body's wellness and provide support to your immune function.


Please keep in mind that while sucking on an elderberry lozenge, tincture, or chewable elderberry tablet might provide some much-needed support, it can’t cure your cold.




Does Elderberry Have Side Effects?

It’s worth noting that, “The berries of Elder are rated by the American Herbal Products Association as Class 1, meaning ‘herbs which, when used appropriately, can be consumed safely without specific use restrictions.’” Both the flowers and berries are also classified as GRAS (generally recognized as safe). Many studies have reviewed Elderberry at different doses, ranging anywhere from 150 mg to 600 mg.


And while there are not any reports of someone necessarily “overdosing” on Elderberry, the preparation of the Elderberry product in question is important to keep in mind when determining which product may benefit you. Some adverse events such as stomach pain, nausea, and vomiting have been reported, but many of these events occurred in people who ingested an elderberry juice made from raw elderberries, leaves, and branches. Since most of the plant parts and uncooked berries contain toxic substances like cyanogenic glycosides and lectins, it’s not recommended to consume the plant parts other than the flowers or berries. That said, the berries are considered safe if they are ripe, have been cooked, or have been dried.


Does Elderberry Make You Pee More?

One often-mentioned potential effect of taking elderberry extract is that it may increase urination.


One particular study found that elderberry flowers caused rats to urinate more often. However, the research on this potential effect of elderberries is still limited.


If you are worried that taking elderberry extract is going to have that impact on you, you can put those worries to rest. The research is inconclusive.


How Strong is the Evidence Behind Elderberry Benefits?

Numerous studies have indicated that supplementing with elderberry extract can have various health benefits. However, how solid is the evidence pointing towards elderberry extract’s many alleged benefits?


Overall, the research on the benefits of elderberry extract as a supplement is still evolving. The benefits of antioxidants for overall health have been better researched than the specific benefits of elderberry extract, which has compounds that have antioxidant activity. However, it is widely speculated that elderberry extract may help support your body’s immune function and overall health.


How Do You Use Elderberry Extract?

There are several easy ways to include elderberry extract in your diet. The way you’ll use this natural ingredient as a daily habit depends on what form you’re using it in.


Elderberry extract can be used as a liquid, or in a chewable form. MaryRuth’s offers elderberry extract in the form of delicious black elderberry chewable tablets, as well as easy-to-use organic elderberry drops.


If you are taking elderberry extract in our chewable tablet, you can get a dose of 100 mg of elderberry. These chewable elderberry tablets can be taken daily or as needed.


Taking one dose of our elderberry extract – a dose is when the pipette of the dropper is about ⅔ full – gives you 150 mg of elderberry. This product can also be taken daily, or as needed if you prefer.


Using elderberry extract from a dropper may appeal to some people in large part due to the versatility of the extract in this form. You can take elderberry extract straight from the dropper, or easily add it to a smoothie or other mixture of healthy ingredients.


Our two forms of elderberry extract are simple and easy to include in your daily diet. You can add a few drops of our extract to a smoothie, or enjoy a tasty chewable tablet each day, or take pure drops as a tincture.


Why MaryRuth’s?

When you are looking for an elderberry extract to include in your diet, look no further than MaryRuth’s!


MaryRuth’s supplements are all vegan and made with non-GMO ingredients. And this doesn’t just apply to our elderberry supplements! MaryRuth’s offers a full line of high-quality supplements including liquids, gummies, capsules, chewable tablets, and more!


We want you to get all of your daily nutrients from the whole foods you eat, and the sunshine that shines down upon us outside, but we understand that it’s not always possible to meet all of your needs through these paths. That’s where we come in! Let us support you by covering any gaps in your daily nutrition. From liquid multivitamins to herbals, check out what we have to offer today! 


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