MaryRuth’s Simple Cooking Tips For Beginners

Looking for some tips to improve your cooking skills?


We’re here to help! 


No matter what your current skill level is, the good news is that no one becomes an amazing cook overnight. It’s all about learning, trial & error, and lots of practice! 


Cooking should be fun and enjoyable, so here are some ways that you can start learning more to improve your cooking and baking techniques.


For those who are just learning how to cook more recipes, here are a few simple tips from MaryRuth that will hopefully make cooking feel more approachable.


Prepare Ahead of Time (Mentally)

Of course, you have to prepare in order to cook — but before you even get to the type of preparation that includes chopping, slicing, or dicing — we want you to mentally prepare! 


Especially if you’d like to try a recipe that you have never made before, it’s important to think about all the steps and techniques involved.


Read through the recipe thoroughly, making sure you have all the ingredients and utensils needed. 


Watch Tutorials (Or Learn IRL From Someone You Know!)

Next, search for anything that you may not fully understand on YouTube, TikTok, or your preferred video-watching app or site.


Or, if you have a friend, family member, teacher, or someone else whose cooking you admire, why not ask them to help you out?


Recently, many members of the MaryRuth’s team attended a fun lunch where MaryRuth taught the group how to make her favorite vegetable soup


The basis for this soup? 




Have you ever heard of mirepoix? If not, don’t fret — many of our team members hadn’t either, but were able to successfully make a mirepoix for their soup with the assistance of MaryRuth’s instructions! 


Mirepoix (pronounced meer-pwah) is an easy but important base for many of the most delicious recipes you probably enjoy. Think of soups, stews, and other yummy and hearty meals you’d especially like in the colder months to warm you up.


By learning some of the basics (like making a mirepoix) from a video or trusted person, you can increase your confidence in the kitchen. We promise a lot of it is even simpler than you’d think! 


Practice & Have FUN

Learning how to cook is a way to empower yourself — when you set your mind to learning something new and are able to accomplish it, you build self-esteem.


The more you cook and the more you practice some basic go-to recipes, you’ll slowly see your skills improving. And then you’ll feel more confident to try more and more recipes that may have seemed difficult at first.


Not sure which recipe you want to try next? We have a variety of recipes for different skill levels for you to try! 




Fruity Ginger Faux-jito
Fruity Ginger Faux-jito
White Peach Cooler Multi Mocktail
White Peach Cooler Multi Mocktail
Fruit Punch Italian Cream Soda
Fruit Punch Italian Cream Soda
Pineapple Ginger Sleep Elixir
Pineapple Ginger Sleep Elixir