Probiotic Holiday Fizz

Although it’s common to enjoy a bit more food and drink around the holidays, it’s still important to help support your gut health


An easy way to do so? Enjoy gut-healthy foods, drinks, or supplements.


This fruity and fizzy recipe gives you an alternative beverage to enjoy this time of year. And it includes our best-selling liquid probiotic


Feel all the holiday cheer as you cheers to your health!


Probiotic Holiday Fizz Recipe Card


Probiotic Holiday Fizz Recipe

Toast to the holidays with this sparkling drink including a probiotic!





  1. Mix the monk fruit sweetener and cinnamon on a small plate.
  2. Rub a lime wedge around the edge of your glass, and dip it into your spice mixture.
  3. Add ice to your glass, then pour in the cranberry juice and top off with sparkling cider.
  4. Stir in 1 serving of MaryRuth’s Organic Liquid Probiotic, squeeze in lime juice from the other lime wedge, and cheers to the holidays!


Product Recommendation

Organic Liquid Probiotic 4oz

12 strains, Easy-to-take, Flavorless


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