5 Back to School Activities for the Whole Family

It’s that time of year again! Back to school, back to routines, and back to well, being just plain busy. However, we’re big believers that you’re never too busy for some simple family fun.


Few moments in a child’s life top the first day of school. It’s usually a special day marking yet another milestone of growing up. To create even more excitement around it all, we’ve put together some fun activities families can do together this back-to-school season.


Make a back to school countdown calendar

Similar to when the holidays are coming, kids love to know how many days until school starts (and lets out for summer). 


This year, create a countdown calendar to tape to your refrigerator. This will get your child excited about school, mentally prepared for the big day, and help them focus on something they are gaining (school!) instead of losing (summer).


Get crafty for the first day of school photo

We think it’s so important to document a child’s first day of school for every grade. It’s the perfect way to show how much they’ve grown! 


Sit together as a family for an arts and crafts night to create a poster or sign that says “My first day of 3rd grade!” or whatever grade they may be in. Snap a photo, print it out, and save it to compare to next year’s photo!


Get outdoors

Get outside together for a bike ride, dog walk, or afternoon at the park — no matter what you enjoy doing, get some sunshine on your skin and breathe in the fresh air after a long day in the classroom. 


Of course, the weather may differ depending on where you live, so enjoy the nicer fall weather while it lasts.


DIY school supplies

School starting often means school supply shopping. Why not make your own to save your family time and money and create an opportunity to craft together? Kids can find clever ways to add some creative touches to school supplies they already own using everyday household items like markers. 


One of the first homework assignments many kids have is to cover their school books which can easily be done with recycled paper grocery bags!


Pack lunches together

Do you find yourself making and packing lunches for your family the night before? Why not turn it into a fun activity? 


Turn your kitchen into a buffet platter of sandwiches, snacks, and more. Teach your child how to make their own sandwich and allow them to load up what they want on it. Or maybe they take a stab at making your sandwich for your lunch. Have some fun with it! 


Create healthy routines

One activity we love — supporting your wellness together with some of our supplements to support a healthy year ahead! 


The best way for children to learn how to support their health is by mirroring their loved ones’ healthy habits. Luckily, we have supplements for adults and children alike so your family can create the supplement routine that works for you!


No matter what you and your family end up doing during your school year routine, we hope that you’re able to make it work — and that you know MaryRuth’s is here to support you feeling your best so you can do the things you love. 


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