Positive Affirmations from MaryRuth’s Team Members

There’s no denying that life can sometimes be stressful, but it’s how we handle ourselves in these times that will determine how we feel. 


Something that we believe helps in times of unease? Positive thinking! 


MaryRuth even talks about the power of positivity as one of the actions in The Art of Health for Busy People and in her book, Liquids Till Lunch. As she says, “positivity is a choice your mind makes.”


To help spread positivity for yourself, your children, and your loved ones, some of our team members are sharing positive affirmations they use regularly. 


MaryRuth, Founder & CEO

In the morning or before bed, I say the following affirmations with my children: ‘I’m smart! I’m strong! I’m amazing! I can do anything!’”


Meg, Formulator

“Here's something I do with my toddler, Quinn! 


I can be happy (clap)

I can be mad (stomp)

I can be me! (smile)

I have ears (point)

I have toes (wiggle)

I have a big heart (thump chest)

I love Momma (hug)

I love Dada (hug)

We love Quinnie (family)

I love me (self hug)”


Sonja, CRM & Email Marketing Director

“My son does this in his gym class!


I am strong

I am brave

I can do this!”


Anna, Operations Intern Class of ‘22

“My mom did this to me when I was as little as a couple of months old up until now (21 years old). 


You're strong, you're smart, you're beautiful, you'll reach all your goals.”


Kay, Customer Care Team Leader

“My kids are 11 and soon to be 13, so our affirmations are a bit different. 


  • I am enough, I do not have to change to be enough.
  • I love myself. I am confident.
  • I respect myself deeply.
  • I stand up for my beliefs and values.
  • I can say no to bad choices.
  • My opinion matters.
  • I can do hard things.
  • I am amazing.”


Kimberly, Operations Project Manager

“My mom has always told me ‘Run! Play! Be Free!’ which she has always said as her version of ‘Chase Your Dreams.’”


Maria, Compliance Associate

“These are the affirmations Manny and I do together - plus, I always end it with ‘I love you, I will always love you; you never have to earn my love, only rest in it; and, there’s nothing you can do that will ever make me stop loving you.’


I am brave!

I am strong!

I am smart!

I am silly!

I am loved

I am special!

I am unique!

I am perfect just the way I am!”


Cassie, Content Manager

“I have a few positive affirmations I like to use, and I even set reminders to pop up on my phone at various times of day to remind myself to stay positive. One that helps me a lot is ‘I trust myself and I trust the universe.’”


Find Your Positivity

We hope that these affirmations brought some positivity to your day today, and can continue to become a part of your daily positive practice. We are always here to support you! 


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