6 Useful & Creative Ways to Reuse Your MaryRuth’s Bottles

As we get further into spring and the weather continues to get nicer, you may be continuing to put effort into spring cleaning in your home. And, if you’ve been stocking up on your MaryRuth’s supplements for a bit, you may start to have some extra bottles lying around.  


While you can always recycle our BPA-free, recyclable plastic gummy or multivitamin bottles, as well as our other glass bottles and tinctures, you may prefer to keep these bottles in your home for other purposes! If you’re looking for a fun activity to do with children or even just for yourself, we have some ideas of ways you can reuse your plastic and glass bottles.


Note: Make sure to properly clean and sanitize any of your containers before reusing them for other purposes!

Recycling regulations vary, so make sure to check your locality’s rules.


1. Travel toiletry containers

Do you have some tiny toiletries that you want to pack for your next trip, but don’t want them to get lost in your larger toiletry bag or suitcase? In come MaryRuth’s gummy containers to the rescue! You can use the empty bottles to hold bobby pins, cotton balls, cotton swabs, small earrings, and more.


2. Create your own at-home serums & more

Our liquid glass bottles of tincturesdroppers, and sprays are the perfect sizes to reuse for your own homemade serums, lotions, or essential oils. Find some easy at-home recipes online to create and enjoy in your upcycled glass containers.


3. Propagate Seedlings for Your Garden

Spring is a great time to start anew and practice your green thumb! Place some dirt and seeds into a rinsed-out, clean gummy bottle and watch your seedling grow on your windowsill or another sunny spot.


Pro Tip: You can even reuse your larger liquid multivitamin or multimineral bottles to create a vertical hanging garden by cutting out one side of the bottle and stringing it along a wall or open area. If you don’t want to hang your bottle(s), simply leave it out as an open terrarium for succulents or herbs to grow.


4. Hold multi-purpose cleaner with larger bottles

Our larger glass bottles, such as the Prenatal & Postnatal Multivitamin or 16 oz Liquid Morning Multivitamin, are a great size to use for your own homemade, DIY cleaning products.


Discover some of MaryRuth’s non-toxic cleaning recipes here!


5. Store treats & snacks

If you’re a parent of any kind — your babies (both fur and non-fur) probably love snacking. If you want to be kinder to the planet, instead of using resealable zipper storage bags that are one-time use and easily crushable, store your cat and dog treats or children’s snacks in your empty plastic gummy bottles or glass enzyme bottles and probiotic capsule bottles!


They’re easy to keep in your pantry or easily toss into your backpack, bag, or purse — without pulling out a snack only to find crushed cereal or crackers at the bottom of the bag.


6. Bottlecap artwork

MaryRuth’s gummy bottlecaps come in a variety of colors like blue, red, pink, orange, and more! After collecting for a while, strategically place all of your different colored gummy bottle caps on cardboard or another thick surface and use a glue gun, super glue, or another adhesive to create a beautiful and unique mosaic!


Show off your reused MaryRuth’s bottles


What other ideas for ways to reuse your MaryRuth’s bottles do you have? We’d love to hear from you! Tag us in your creative creations on Instagram and hashtag #maryruths. 


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