MaryRuth’s Products for Infants Now Available in Almost 1,000 Target Stores!

When I first created what would soon become MaryRuth Organics’ first-ever product, the Raspberry Liquid Morning Multivitamin, back in my private practice in 2014, I never imagined that I’d one day have almost 90 products available to help people in their health and wellness journeys. 


I also never thought that we would one day have the opportunity to reach another whole set of people by releasing products into Target! Yet, here we of last week, MaryRuth’s has three products available for infants and babies in over 800 Target stores across the U.S. 


Being weeks away from delivering my twins, it couldn’t be more serendipitous timing of the products available at Target now: Liquid Probiotic for InfantsInfants Vitamin C Liquid Drops, and Liquid Baby Elderberry Drops (the last being a Target exclusive!). Spanning 46 states as well as being available on, these three products, available at almost half of all Target locations, are just the start of what is to come.


I cannot explain how exciting this is! One of the things that has always been most important to me is having a company that offered people a routine. I wanted to provide something that people could do every day to help them move forward, feel good, have more energy, have better health, and I aimed to supply health education with that. 


We’ve been working on creating supplements for a little over 6 years, and the company has had employees for almost 3 years now. We have always used eCommerce as our platform to share our products with people, and having products in a chain like Target is something completely new for us. As a small business that has taken no outside funding, it’s been amazing to see how using our online sources has worked so well so far to bring health to adults, families, and children.


Being in Target provides an incredible way for us to reach more people who we can help — in a new niche and in a new way — and that’s ultimately what I care most about.


Though it feels great to be in a store like Target, it’s not only about that; it’s that we have a new way to bring these products to a whole new set of people that would never potentially be exposed to or aware of those products.


This release is very meaningful to me not only as a health educator but especially as a mom (I have my 2 and 3-year-old boys, Ethan and Elliot, with twins on the way!). As a mom who has bought so many products and used other brands in the baby section at Target, getting to see our products there is particularly meaningful because I know how well those other brands helped me as a mom and I’m happy to do the same for other parents, infants, and babies.


The product that excites me the most by far is our Liquid Probiotic for Infants, because I truly believe in supporting infants’ microbiome and immune system from birth. I already have our Infant Probiotic packed in my hospital bag! 


I’m so proud of our incredible team for working so hard to make this dream become a reality, and I want to take a moment to congratulate them all. It’s been so amazing for me to see our employees be so excited about this Target release that they are making trips to the store in their own time to see the product on the shelves and take photos, all because they are just as passionate and excited about bringing these products to everyone as I am.


I look forward to helping more and more people with our products; this is just the beginning!


A Few MaryRuth’s Team Members at Target

MaryRuth Organics Target

“Getting our products into retail has been a long-term goal for the company that has ultimately been a labor of love. It was so fulfilling finally seeing months of work right in front of me and I'm excited to be able to bring our products to people who may have never known about us before!”
- Kaitlan, VP of Operations



MaryRuth's Target

“I’m so lucky to be a part of the evolution of MaryRuth Organics. Clearly, I treat each package design like it’s my own baby. It’s incredibly rewarding and worth all of the hard work to see a product that we worked on for months displayed on the shelves of Target. I can’t wait to see where our products end up next!”
- Crystal, Graphic Designer



 MaryRuth's Products at Target

“Seeing our products in my local Target store brought me great feelings of excitement and happiness!” - Kay, Customer Care


If you come across us at Target, feel free to snap a photo and tag us on Instagram at @maryruthorganics. We’d love to see and share your pictures and appreciate each and every person’s support!

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MaryRuth’s Third-Party Testing & Clean Label Project Certified
MaryRuth’s Third-Party Testing & Clean Label Project Certified
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MaryRuth’s is B Corp Certified
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