3 Important Nutrients Toddlers Need

If you have or are around a toddler between the ages of 1 and 3, then you may know how difficult it can be to ensure they’re eating a well-balanced diet on a daily basis. 


That’s what supplements are here for; to help fill in the gaps that diet alone doesn’t always fill. 


When you’re looking to make healthy and nutrient-packed meals for your little ones, we recommend eating as colorful as possible! 


Not only does having a variety of colorful food look pretty on the plate, but also may contain important vitamins and minerals for your toddler. 


There are 13 essential vitamins and additional nutrients that a child’s body needs regularly. We wanted to highlight a few of these to ensure your child is getting these for their growing bodies.


Vitamin D for Toddlers

This essential vitamin helps support the growth of healthy bones and teeth! 


Known as “the sunshine vitamin,” vitamin D also helps to support a healthy immune response and may support a healthy mood and energy levels.


Few vegan-friendly foods naturally contain vitamin D, but some plant-based food and dairy-free milk alternatives and cereals are fortified with vitamin D. Otherwise, your toddler can get vitamin D from the sunshine or with the support of supplements!


Iron for Toddlers

Iron is important for toddlers as it may support energy metabolism, a growing body, and overall health. 


This essential mineral is a critical component of proteins of red blood cells (hemoglobin) and muscle cells (myoglobin), supporting oxygen transport throughout the body as needed. 


Adequate oxygen levels are crucial for good health, and sufficient iron intake helps ensure that your toddler gets the oxygen they need!


Food sources of iron that could be incorporated into a vegan-friendly diet include white beans, spinach, tofu, kidney beans, chickpeas, tomatoes, and potatoes. 


Calcium for Toddlers

Calcium is important for healthy bones and teeth — but it’s also important to note that proper calcium absorption is important, too. 


Both vitamins D and K work synergistically to support the absorption of calcium in the body, therefore potentially supporting bone health rather than supplementing with calcium alone. 


There are a few vegan-friendly sources of calcium you may want to include in your toddler’s diet, including fortified orange juice, tofu made with calcium sulfate, soybeans, spinach, and kale.


Vitamins for Toddlers

MaryRuth’s was created by a mother of four who wanted to create products that she feels comfortable giving to her own family. We are thankful to carry many supplements for toddlers to help support your family’s needs and lifestyle. 


As we are working towards all of our products being Clean Label Project certified, we want you to feel great about what you give your children! 


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