Why Take Iron: The Importance of This Essential Mineral

Iron is an essential mineral in the body and is necessary for many vital functions. Here are some reasons to incorporate iron into your diet.


What is Iron?

Iron is a mineral found in animals, plants, and all other living things.


Have you ever visited the doctor or had surgery and the term "hemoglobin"? They're referring to the red blood cells that move oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body. Iron produces hemoglobin (or blood) with the ability to carry oxygen to where it needs to be. 


If our bodies don't have iron, it makes fewer red blood cells, meaning tissues and organs won't get the oxygen they need.


We can get iron by eating foods like dark, green leafy vegetables or via supplementing. 


Why is iron important?

It can become problematic if a person doesn't have enough iron in their body.


Some other possible benefits of "dietary iron" include: 


  • Supported energy levels: If you do not have enough iron in your diet, the energy-using efficiency of your body can be affected.


  • Athletic performance: Proper iron intake is significant for individuals who lead an active lifestyle, as it supports athletic performance.


  • Optimal pregnancy: During pregnancy, red blood cell production increases to ensure the baby gets the necessary nutrients.


  • Supports the immune system: Hemoglobin in the red blood cells also supports your immune system.


Product Recommendation

Liquid Iron

Overall health, Healthy energy metabolism, Cellular health

Toddler Iron Organic Liquid Drops

Essential mineral, Growth & development, Cellular health



Iron Gummies

Essential mineral, Energy support, Cellular health

Prenatal & Postnatal Liquid Iron

Overall health, Immune support, Cellular health




Is iron safe for kids?

Since iron is an essential mineral, all bodies need this nutrient.


If you’re looking to supplement your or your child’s diet with iron, our Liquid Iron is suitable for ages four and up. But, it is worth noting that for the sake of labeling simplicity, the FDA's Daily Value recommendations group children 4+ with adults; the Daily Value (18 mg) established for labeling guidelines is the highest recommendation for all ages, four and up. As always, be sure not to exceed the recommended dose.


Since our product is liquid, the dose can easily be adjusted to meet those recommendations (we've even done the calculations for you! Check out the dosage chart in the images or under the tab "Ingredients & Use"). 


For those who are looking for an iron supplement for their child under the age of 4, we also have Toddler Iron Organic Liquid Drops formulated for ages 1-3 years old. 


Ultimately, to make the best health decisions possible for your little one, we recommend speaking with your pediatrician, physician, or healthcare professional to determine what dose is best for your child.


How should I supplement with iron?

If you're looking for a vegan-friendly iron supplement to add to your diet or your child's, turn to MaryRuth's. We offer Liquid IronPrenatal & Postnatal Liquid Iron, and Toddler Iron Organic Liquid Drops. Our liquid Iron is made with ferrous bisglycinate chelate, a form of iron that is as easy for your body to absorb.


If you’re curious about what other essential vitamins and minerals we offer, be sure to check out our full range of supplements that are always delicious, easy-to-take and available in a variety of formats for your wellness.


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