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Collagen Boosting Gummies


We’ve Created A Gummy To Support Your Body’s Ability to Make Collagen! This delicious gummy contains ingredients to promote collagen production: L-lysine, Amla fruit, Vitamin A and Vitamin C.

3 Month Supply



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How it works

  • While most collagen supplements available on the market are not vegan, and utilize collagen sourced from animals, our Collagen Boosting Gummies are formulated to provide nutrients your body needs to promote its own collagen production. 
  • Collagen, the most abundant protein in the body, provides structure to bones and is a major component of skin and connective tissue, including tendons and ligaments. 
  • Vitamin A and vitamin C along with L-lysine, an essential amino acid, help to promote natural collagen synthesis and maintain skin health. 
  • Vitamin C’s antioxidant properties even quench free radicals that can damage collagen-producing cells. 
  • Used in Ayurvedic medicine in India for decades, amla fruit is added to our blend for its help in maintaining collagen metabolism and healthy hair. 
  • These delicious watermelon-flavored gummies are packed with nutrients to give your body support in naturally synthesizing collagen.

Important Message from MaryRuth's


We genuinely care about all our customers. Please consult with a physician or healthcare professional before starting any health supplement, especially if pregnant or lactating, taking medication, or if you have a medical diagnosis. Discontinue use if any negative reaction occurs.


KEEP AWAY FROM DOGS because this product contains Xylitol.

How to take

Suggested Use: Adults take 1 gummy up to 3 times per day, or as recommended by a physician or healthcare professional. Take with food and two hours before or after ingesting other medications or supplements.


Store in a cool, dry place.

Supplement Facts

We only create wholesome vitamins and supplements that MaryRuth herself feels great about giving to her own family. We find the highest quality ingredients and formulate with care great-tasting products that assist in supporting your health and wellness!

  • Non-GMO
  • Vegan
  • Pectin Based
  • No Gelatin
  • Dairy Free
  • Nut Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Soy Free
  • Sugar Free*
  • GMP Facility Made

*Not a low calorie food

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Customer Reviews

Based on 346 reviews
Jennifer M.

I take this product in combination with many other Mary Ruth products . I have tons of new hair growth and I’m starting to see a change in my skin. Taste on a scale 1-10 I’d give it an 8.

pamela j.
Really works!

I can tell my hair and nails are stronger already after only one month of using these collagen gummies! I never thought that plant based collagen would work, but it really does. I love this brand for their organic and vegan practices and products. I always know I’m getting high quality supplements.

Hair and nails feel stronger and better♥️

Okay so I see the bad reviews judging the taste, but personally these are the best collagen gummies I’ve had.

I think it’s wrong to judge a product based on taste versus the results so here is my review on my results. The biggest difference was seen in my nails! They used to break and always stay short now I receive multiple compliments asking if my nails are fake since they’re so long and strong. My skin has always been good so no comment, but my hair has grown a lot.

I recommend this product if you’re looking for REAL results I’ve been taking these gummies for over a year💗

Susan M.

Have went thru a handful of bottles of these collagen boosting gummies and I love them! They are amazing and they taste great. Part of my daily supplement regiment… sooo glad to have found these.

Danielle T.
Great product!

These gummies are great. They are vegan, and they taste great. Thankfully, they are not so sweet or taste like you cannot put them down. Some gummy vitamins taste too much like candy and make you want to eat too many. These are perfect. I need collagen to help with some health issues I currently have and these are great and easy to take. Would recommend!

Have A Question? Great, Ask Us!

Really. We are here to answer any question you may have.

The product’s formulation changed! Why is that?

We’re constantly trying to improve our products, and recent quality assurance reviews of our Collagen Boosting Gummies’ formula indicated room for improvement for increased shelf life. By reformulating the gummy base of this product — removing isomalto-oligosaccharides, erythritol, and xylitol, and adding maltitol — we felt that we were able to provide an even better formula for our Collagen Boosting Gummies. Each gummy provides the same amount of nutrients as before, though you may notice some differences such as minor changes in flavor, consistency, and color. We hope that you still enjoy these updated gummies and look forward to your feedback!

I thought there was no such thing as a vegan collagen supplement?!

There isn't! To clarify, this isn’t a collagen supplement, but a collagen boosting supplement. Collagen supplements that are available on the market are typically sourced from animals. Rather than ingesting the collagen from other animals, this vegan gummy is formulated to help your body build new collagen itself. This delicious, watermelon-flavored gummy contains ingredients to promote collagen production: lysine, vitamin A and vitamin C, as well as Amla fruit.
More questions? Find out more answers on our FAQs Page.

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