All About Our Liquid Droppers

If you’re anything like us, you love convenience. And we think our liquid droppers (or pipettes) are just that – convenient, functional, and safe. 


What’s a liquid dropper? Glad you asked. It’s the device you’ll find in many of our supplements and herbals. It consists of a small tube with a suctioning bulb that is used to vacuum and transfer the liquid drop by drop. 


We get many questions about our liquid droppers, so we thought we’d compile a list of them here to help with any confusion. Enjoy!


How do I properly use a pipette? 

We’ve created this informative graphic to help you understand how to properly use a dropper:


How do I properly use a pipette?


Why aren’t droppers the same size from product to product?

Different products have different pipettes that can’t always be compared 1:1. Certain droppers pull differently from others, may be different lengths and even have different sized openings — this is why we try to list on our product packaging and website listing what a “full” pull or pump from each dropper is, as well as list out the specific number of drops for each product’s servings.


How do I get a full pump from the pipette?


Here are the steps to achieve a  "full pull" (or "full pump"):


  • Make sure the pipette is completely empty of any liquid.
  • Once empty, and while the pipette tip is above the liquid, squeeze the bulb (the pipette top), then lower the pipette tip into the liquid.
  • Release pressure from the bulb, while still holding onto the top.
  • Keep in mind that a “full pump” won’t always fill the entire pipette, and can vary from product to product.


What is the dose measurement you use?

The most accurate way to dose will always be in milliliters (mL), which is listed on the Supplement Fact Panel on the box your product comes in. 


We understand that this can be difficult to measure in drops, and that is why we have recently come out with our Measuring Shot Glasses (for products with a serving size 5 mL and up)! These allow you to easily measure any liquid in milliliters, ounces, tablespoons and teaspoons. For liquid products with dosages smaller than 5 mL, know that our team is working on finding better solutions!


Do you use medical-grade pipettes?

We do not use medical-grade calibrated pipettes for our products, and therefore one “pull” (aka “pump”) and even drop size may differ from product to product.


Why are your pipettes made of glass?

Glass is non-toxic and free from potentially harmful chemicals! 


Can I take the supplement directly from the dropper?

Please avoid direct dropper contact with the skin or mouth in order to prevent product contamination and damage to the dropper. 


We hope this insight helped to clear up any concerns around our liquid droppers! If you’re interested in trying out a supplement with a liquid dropper, check out our full collection! They’re easy-to-take and come in many delicious flavors! 


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