Which Liquid Vitamins Are Best?

Why Take Liquid Multivitamins?

Liquid multivitamins can be a great source of valuable nutrients.


Below are just a few of the upsides of choosing liquids as your supplement of choice, as well as a few potential downsides to consider.


Liquid Vitamins: The Pros


  • Liquid multivitamins usually taste better than pills. Pills may sometimes have a chalky aftertaste, but they’re typically otherwise flavorless. Liquids, on the other hand, can be much tastier. MaryRuth’s liquid multivitamins are flavored and sweetened without the use of any added sugar. And they taste great, which just might make it easier to remember to take your vitamins each day!


  • Our liquid multivitamins contain no sneaky animal ingredients. Many vitamins in multiple forms contain added ingredients like gelatin and other traces of animal products. That’s not the case with our liquid multivitamins, or any of our other high-quality, 100% vegan supplements!


  • Liquid vitamins make adjusting doses a lot simpler. WIth a liquid vitamin, if you need to adjust the dose, there’s no cutting pills in half. You can simply measure out more or less as needed.


Liquid Vitamins: The Cons

  • Liquid multivitamins need to be stored in the fridge once opened. Once you start taking daily servings from a bottle of MaryRuth’s liquid multivitamins, you’ll need to make sure to store your bottle in the refrigerator after each use – if not, the bottle can go bad. As long as it’s before the expiration date, your bottle should be shelf-stable until you open it if you’re storing it in a cool, dry place. Once opened, if you’re taking the vitamins daily, the bottle can stay refrigerated for much longer than you’ll need. See our website for more information on how long you can store your bottles.


  • While it’s not exactly a downside to liquid vitamins, it is worth noting that this form of supplement has a distinct flavor. Unlike capsules and pills, which tend to be relatively flavorless, MaryRuth’s liquid multis have a naturally sweet, fruity taste. If you’re not a fan of the flavor, you might be better off with a different form of multivitamin.


  • Traveling with liquid multivitamins may take some extra effort. Since our liquid multis need to be refrigerated, you may need to make special arrangements when you take your supplements on the road with you. To keep your daily servings of vitamins fresh, you can use an ice pack and lunch box to store the amount of liquid multivitamin formula that you need for your travels. That way, you don’t need to bring your whole bottle with you and can lighten your load. We do have travel-sized bottles of our Raspberry Liquid Morning Multivitamin!



What’s In MaryRuth’s Liquid Multivitamins?

Our formula is packed with plenty of plant-based vitamins and minerals that your body needs. Below are some of the essential nutrients included in our liquid multivitamins.





What Makes MaryRuth’s Liquid Multis Special?

Now that you know more about our signature formula, it’s time to find out what makes our liquid multivitamins stand out in a crowd.


These supplements are vegan, made with as few allergens as possible, and taste great! Keep reading to learn more!


100% Vegan

MaryRuth’s liquid multis, along with the rest of our supplements, are made with 100% vegan ingredients.


We know how tough it can be to find foods and supplements that are vegan-friendly, and we wanted to make it easier to get the nutrients you need on a vegan diet.


While some supplements contain small, sneaky amounts of animal-derived ingredients, you won’t find any of those in MaryRuth’s products! Everything we make is gelatin-free, and contains no fish oil or other animal products.


Great Taste

Our liquid multivitamins taste great.

Our liquid morning multivitamin is raspberry-flavored, which makes each serving a great source of morning refreshment and nourishment. We want taking our multivitamins to never feel like a chore – we hope they taste so good you think of it more like a treat!


If you’re looking for a supplement that you never feel like skipping, our liquid multivitamins might be just what you’re looking for!


Should you make the switch to MaryRuth’s Liquid Multivitamins?

All of MaryRuth's’ supplements are 100% vegan and made with non-GMO ingredients. Our liquid supplements not only taste great, they’re made to support you, too! For those who prefer taking liquid vitamins, they’re a great alternative to traditional pill and capsule vitamins, and your whole family can enjoy them!


We highly recommend pairing our liquid morning multivitamin with our nighttime liquid multimineral. The combination of these two tasty supplements lets you bookend your day with nutrients. And our liquid multimineral comes in three delicious flavors – coconut, cranberry, and pineapple.


To browse MaryRuth’s entire liquid multivitamin selection, click here


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