Gummy vs. Liquid Supplements: Should I Take Gummy Vitamins or Liquid Vitamins?

Here at MaryRuth's, we're all about further supporting our health with delicious, vegan vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients! Supplements are a great way to ensure you're getting all your essential nutrients for lasting, vibrant wellness. 


With so many chewables, pills, liquids and drops to choose from, we're here to help break things down on which supplements may best suit your lifestyle and wellness needs!


Why Take Liquid Supplements?

Liquid supplements are dietary supplements that come in a convenient liquid form. We have various liquid supplements that contain numerous vitamins and nutrients that may support your body in many ways. Liquid vitamins and supplements have flexible doses, making it easy to dose out proper servings of children and older adults alike.


  • For those following MaryRuth's Liquids Till Lunch method, liquid supplements are perfect for getting your AM vitamins while sticking to liquids. What's Liquids Till Lunch? A method that involves only consuming water, coffee, juice, broth, smoothies, tea, or any other liquids until lunchtime. 
  • Our liquid supplements are fabulous to mix in with your morning smoothie, green juice, or even into your water for added flavor. Add our Vegan Liquid Chlorophyll Drops into your morning glass of water for a refreshing peppermint kick! 
  • If you want to ensure your body is optimally absorbing those vitamins and minerals, our liquid liposomals have nutrients delivered via liposomal technology! Liposomes are tiny spherical structures with a protective outer layer and an inner cavity to hold and transport substances such as vitamins and other nutrients to the body for better absorption.


Why Take Gummy Supplements?

Gummy vitamins are chewable supplements that have a texture and taste similar to gummy candies and come in various flavors, colors, and shapes. They're one of the most popular types of vitamins. 


  • Gummy vitamins appeal to children — as well as adults — who may not like swallowing pills. They can also often feel like eating a piece of candy or small treat as they taste fruity and delicious and come in flavors like strawberry, apple, and more. But remember — these types of gummies are not candy, so make sure to stick to the suggested serving or as recommended by your doctor!
  • Our gummies are super easy to bring with you on the go! You can easily pack the bottle in a lunch box, get it on a plane, and not worry about TSA liquid regulations. You can even load your child's gummies into their lunch box to bring them out and about.


Gummies or Liquids: It's Your Choice

Here at MaryRuth's, we think that taking your vitamins (and other supplements) should be an enjoyable experience that you look forward to every day. We always aim to make supplements (gummy, liquid, and more!) that taste great.


Regardless of which type of supplement you choose to take, it is ultimately up to you to figure out which format you prefer! Many people mix and match, taking gummies and liquids, while others like to stick to one or the other. With multiple supplements in various formats, we want to let you decide!


Curious to learn more about our collections of liquid and gummy supplements? Check them out here!



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