4 Tips to Avoid Burnout

With so many responsibilities in our day-to-day lives, there may come a point when you feel overwhelmed with your obligations and to-dos.


Getting to this place of mental, emotional, and physical overwhelm is often referred to as “burnout,” and it’s something that never feels good.


We want to help you with some practical tips to help shift your mind to avoid this feeling of stress and burnout. As MaryRuth says, it’s just about moving forward every day, bit by bit, that will create a powerful momentum over time.


1. Take breaks

Sure, taking a break when you’re busy may seem tough to do — but it’s essential! 


Even if you feel too overwhelmed and want to go from one task to the next, we believe you can set aside at least 5 minutes to stretch, take a quick walk, close your eyes, or do some breathing exercises.


Try to use these breaks to do something that is good for you and puts you in the present moment.


2. Set boundaries

Sometimes, you have to just say “no.” 


Setting boundaries doesn’t have to be rude or mean; it just means that you are aligning your values and priorities together to best suit your life. 


If you’re already feeling at capacity, it’s ok to not add more to your plate that may lead to burnout. Only you know what is best for you.



3. Make time for joy

Even though your list may feel a mile long, it’s still important to take time to do things that simply make you happy! 


Whether that’s listening to a podcast, painting, cooking, reading, or something else, carve out moments to do something just for you.


4. Time block

Time blocking is a great tool that can help you with all of the other tips above! 


Yes — we even recommend time blocking in when you’ll take breaks and do your fun activities!


MaryRuth has been time blocking for years and attributes this part of her routine as being a big reason she’s been able to start her own business and balance life with her family. 


First, she’ll always write down the things she has to do the next day — such as Zoom meetings, errands, etc. — then she can fill in other time slots with things she wants to do — like take breaks, take a trip to the beach, or anything else fun! 


You can learn more about how to time block in our helpful article here.


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Avoid Burnout & Find Peace

The main takeaway we want you to feel is that you deserve to find balance and happiness in your day-to-day tasks! 


We understand that some days get extra busy, but we hope that you will find the time to live a balanced life with these tips. 



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