15 Best Healthy Beach Snacks: MaryRuth’s Recommended Snacks for Summer

When you’re ready to head to the beach or on a day trip for some fun in the sun, besides making sure you packed your bathing suit and sunscreen, there’s something else you don’t want to forget — snacks! 


We’ve asked MaryRuth to round up all the snacks she likes to bring along for family trips to the beach for them to enjoy all day. So, the next time you decide to head to the ocean, lake, or any fun outdoor day with loved ones, try some of the below healthy summer snacks to keep you happy and sustained.


  • Water Bottles & Coolers(s): It may seem like a no-brainer, but of course, you want to make sure you’re staying properly hydrated throughout the day — especially being out in the sunshine!


MaryRuth brings her Yeti cooler filled with lots of ice, Yeti water bottles & the children's stainless steel bottles, along with extra water and coconut water to stay adequately hydrated. 


    • Pretzels: MaryRuth & family love FitJoy pretzels made with cassava and chickpea flour. They’re gluten-free and delicious


    • Crackers: Everyone loves some crunch, so don’t forget these! Some family faves include Simple Mills Roasted Red Pepper Veggie Pita Crackers and Almond Flour Crackers, which are also gluten-free


    • Veggie Puffs: There’s nothing like a tasty, airy puff to munch on. And they’re even better when veggie flavored for some extra goodness!


    • Dairy-Free Cream Cheese: Don’t forget the dips! MaryRuth’s children and the adults at the beach with her alike enjoy dipping their pretzels and crackers into some delicious vegan cream cheese made with almonds. They love Kite Hill’s cream cheese alternative in Chive, Everything, and Plain flavors


    • Rice Cakes: For another yummy crunch, MaryRuth and her family enjoy rice cakes with vegan butter.


    • Fruit: What’s better than fruit that pre-packages itself? That’s why MaryRuth chooses bananas and tangerines to bring to the beach for her kids and loved ones — no extra wrapping or packaging required. Plus, she also brings along apple chips for a fresh fruit alternative.


    •  Sweet Snacks: When that sweet tooth kicks in, be prepared with some healthier options. MaryRuth has a few she always makes sure to bring along for the kiddos and adults!


      • SmartSweets Low Sugar Lollipops and Sweet Fish
      • Three Wishes cereal
      • Lakanto maple syrup to drizzle on any of your other snacks


    • Homemade treats: Of course, culinary chef MaryRuth also brings along some homemade snacks to the beach, too! But no matter your cooking or baking abilities, there are always easy recipes and pre-made mixes to choose from. Banana almond flour muffins are one of MaryRuth’s favorites.


      We hope you have a fun beach day coming up, packed with these healthy snack ideas and lots of fun! And for supplements to easily bring with you on the go, reach for any of our tasty gummies or easy-to-take sprays and drops.


      MaryRuth and MaryRuth’s® are not affiliated with any of these products; this is not an ad.


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