Time Management Tips: Achieve Your Goals With Time Blocking & The Compound Effect

For over 15 years, I’ve been using the same two techniques to organize my life and accomplish everything that I want and need to do. 


First, I use time blocking to ensure that I fill up my schedule in a meaningful and productive way. I also like to use the compound effect to make macro changes by doing micro actions.


What is time blocking?

Time blocking is a time management method that works by dividing time — typically by day or by week — into smaller increments to complete specific tasks. I like to time block per day, dividing my day into one hour chunks.


How to use time blocking

I have my own method for time blocking that I’d like to share with you in hopes that it’ll be helpful for you, too! 


There are two parts to the way that I time block. 


First, I use my Time Blocking Journal (or you can use a notebook) with a list of certain things to do. This list includes both things that I need and want to get done, including everything from an important work meeting about new products all the way to wanting to make time to pamper myself with a luxurious face mask. I will then take these things and write which days I want to get each done.


Next, I will take this notebook with my list of things I want to do on which days, and use this in my daily time blocking to schedule times to get each task done. 




For example, at the end of the day on Tuesday, I will fill in my time blocking sheet for Wednesday. I look at my notebook to make sure to include all of the things I had written down that I wanted to do on Wednesday. I’ll then fill in the rest of the hour time blocks with other things I want and need to do like workout, eat lunch, go to Zoom calls, and so on. 


Having my time blocking sheet filled in the night before makes it easy each day when I wake up. This way, I can get out of bed and simply pick up that day’s time blocking sheet (already filled out from the day before) to see what I am doing that day. Sometimes if I am ahead of schedule and hitting everything on my list, I’ll even take scissors and cut off times that have tasks I’ve already completed!


And don’t worry, if there is anything on your time blocked list for that day that you find you didn’t get to by the end of the evening, you can take that task and move it to your list for the next day.


For me, time blocking is an easy and effective way to make sure that I am staying on track. The more you do it, the more success you’ll have! I have been time blocking since I was in my early 20’s right after college, and I believe in this time management method so much.


Grab your free time blocking sheet by clicking below:


What is the compound effect?

The compound effect is a strategy of accomplishing bigger goals or tasks through continuous smaller actions over time.


How to use the compound effect

The compound effect is fairly simple to implement into your daily routine — especially if you schedule it in with time blocking! An easy way to utilize this is to do five minutes of something every day to help you achieve a larger goal.


For example, maybe you want to clean your whole house, but this chore seems overwhelming. By instead taking five minutes per day dedicated to organizing one small part (like a drawer or cabinet), by the end of 365 days, you can have your entire house organized in a year!


If you ever think that putting towards five minutes toward something daily isn’t worth it, just think about it this way. 5 minutes x 365 days = 1,825 minutes. That’s almost 30 ½ hours you spent towards doing something that can benefit you in the long run. I’d say that is more than worth it!


Take control of your time

There are many ways out there that you can find to help manage your time. These are just the tips, tools, and tricks I use to feel a sense of happiness. I hope that this has been helpful for you to feel empowered to take control of your time to help reach your goals and dreams, helping to find your own happiness!


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