4 Favorite Fall Activities

Fall is a season of transformation. 


Bit by bit, the weather changes and the world gets ready to settle down and slumber just a little more. But with the downturn also comes new possibilities.


We believe that positive change happens day by day, little by little, too. 


To help make the most of your time this autumn, we’re outlining four fall activities for you and your loved ones.


Play With Pumpkins

MaryRuth’s children love to paint pumpkins, and yours may, too! 


Lay out a festive tablecloth or towel (or bring this craft outside if the weather is still nice in your area) along with a variety of paints and let your kid explore their creative side. 


Alternatively, you can use pumpkins for a fun sensory experience — playing with pumpkin guts! 


While the kids are at school or taking a nap, you can cut up and prepare a pumpkin for this activity. When they’re back, put the pieces on a table to let your little ones pick out the seeds! 


And, of course, pumpkins aren’t the only ones that have guts — a healthy gut is important for many of the body’s functions. To support a healthy gut and digestion, our probiotics may help.


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Make a Festive Fall Recipe

One way that we love to connect to others is through delicious food and drink, and the flavors of fall are like no other! 


If you’d like to try a vegan, gluten-free version of a crowd favorite — pumpkin pie — you’ll love MaryRuth’s One Pan Pumpkin Pie recipe


And, to support sleep naturally, try MaryRuth’s easy and tasty Cherry Pumpkin Seeds Bites. They’re a crowd favorite with fewer than 10 ingredients and no baking required. 


But that’s not all! 


You can also enjoy our tasty Pumpkin Spice Almond Butter or Vegan Pumpkin Butter recipes. These spreadable delights will surely add fun fall flavors to your favorite meals.


Sip Your Favorite Pumpkin Beverage

We also have some unique and tasty drink recipes with wonderful pumpkin flavors and the added benefits of our Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil Liquid Drops



Try them for yourself and tag us on Instagram or TikTok to show off your beautiful creations! 

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Support Immunity

As the seasons change, it’s important to give your immune system some support! 


Exercising regularly, incorporating diverse fruits and vegetables into your diet, getting enough sleep, and moving your are some simple ways to support your daily health and immune system. 


MaryRuth’s Art of Health for Busy People also shows some practical, easy, and free ways to stay well. 



And for added support, you may want to also incorporate some immunity supplements into your daily routine! 


Whether it’s vitamin C, elderberry, vitamin D, or formulas incorporating a variety of important immune-supporting nutrients, we have a variety of easy-to-take and delicious liquids, gummies, liposomals, and more for you.



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4 Favorite Fall Activities
4 Favorite Fall Activities
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