Do the Things You Love This Holiday Season

With some fun and free holiday season activities!


This holiday season, you should enjoy yourself by doing the things you love with those who matter most to you.


The end of the year can be a stressful time for some, and we want to help ease some of that stress for you and suggest some activities you can do to make you feel fulfilled and joyful! Because when you’re feeling like the best version of yourself, you can spend your hours doing more of the things you love.


Even if you have a busier schedule this time of year, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t find some time for enjoyment. With time blocking, you can be sure to set aside time for each thing on your to-do list — so then you can find blocks of time to do the fun things, too!


Download MaryRuth’s time blocking sheet here!


Now that you know how to manage your time to fit in both things you need and want to do each day, here are some suggestions of fun activities you may want to do during this holiday time.


Cook a homemade meal

What better way is there to show someone you care than providing them with a delicious meal made with love? Even if you’re only cooking for yourself, you deserve a tasty and nutritious meal that you feel good about.


Get outside

Go for a jog, walk your dog, or take a hike — no matter what it is you enjoy doing, get some sunshine on your skin and breathe in the fresh air! Of course, the weather may differ depending where you live, so whether you’re in a T-shirt or bundled up, we hope you’re able to enjoy time outside.


Bake cookies

There’s almost a never-ending number of cookie recipes to choose from, especially for this time of year! Pick one (or more) of your favorites and fill up your home with a warm oven, tasty aromas, and happy hearts.


Watch a sunset

The sun goes down much earlier in the day during this time of year, so it may be easier to make time to watch the beautiful colors and relax alone or with those you care about most.


Go for a mini “road trip”

Grab some hot cocoa, get everyone packed in the car, and take a joy ride around your neighborhood to look at everyone’s beautifully-decorated homes! There’s so much magic and happiness in holiday lights and decorations.


No matter what it is that you love doing most, we hope that you’re able to make it work — and that you know MaryRuth’s is here to support you feeling your best so you can do the things you love. We hope you have the best holiday season ever!



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