Time Blocking During the Holiday Season

It’s no secret that I love to time block, and that doesn’t change during the busier holiday season! 


There are always seasons of life that may be busier or slower, and through it all I love to time block. Sometimes people think during the holidays that they just want to relax and have fun, but the power of time blocking is actually the most powerful on the days you want to have fun!


What’s time blocking again?

As a quick refresher, time blocking is a way to organize and manage your time — typically by day — into smaller one-hour blocks of time. You fill in all the things that you need and want to do each day to take control of your time and feel a sense of motivation and accomplishment.


Why time block during the holiday season?

While traveling, on vacation, planning birthday parties or weddings and more, the idea of time blocking will help you to have even more awesome days. 


Time blocking isn’t only for things that you have to do (although it’s very helpful for you to keep track and accomplish all the things on your to-do list during the busy holiday season)! 


You can even time block times chunks of time where you won’t be doing anything in particular — like sleeping in, reading, sitting in the sun — or activities like playing tennis, going to the gym, FaceTiming with loved ones, or baking.


How to time block during the holidays?

Managing your time is especially important during the holidays to help you have a sense of accomplishment. 


I just want to encourage people throughout the holiday season to keep time blocking and don’t give up! There will be days when you may not get to most things on your list, but that’s ok — you can always push whatever doesn’t get done to the next day until you’re able to accomplish all of the actions on your to-do list. 


You can even try to time block 7 days in a row during this time. What do the days look like in the week leading up to the holidays like Thanksgiving or New Years Eve? Getting everything written out and planned into your schedule should hopefully allow you to feel a sense of ease and help you get more done.


You can time block on paper, in your Notes app on your phone, or with our Time Blocking Journals. I wish you the best holiday season and hope you accomplish all of your goals!





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